martes, 12 de agosto de 2008

OpenGL 3.0

Unlike other coders I'm very glad with the new openGL specification, because I hate strong object-oriented design in a low level API. Until now I design my 3d engines using this design paradigm but with the use in some games I learned that the most useful code was the oldest openGL design that avoids classes and pointers (at least at the highest level). With this in mind I built a lite 3d framework that uses index instead pointers ala openGL.

I'm sure that people that has been used the two APIs can remember entire openGL sintax because it uses the same subset for all commands.

I believe that Khronos group follows a smart movement by avoiding API re-design every 2 years like directX does when new GPU features arrives.

Source code

Until now, I haven't release any code examples because my huge 3d engine size, but in order to write the article for ShaderX7 book I wrote a lite openGL framework and I want to share which they are interested in the near future. In all forms and by contract issues I cannot share things that I'll use in my actual company. But when I wrote any interesting stuff I'll try to share it.

Thanks for reading ^^

Chunked lod tests

A lot of time without any post, bad, bad, bad.
I've been busy writing the demo for shaderX7 article, thanks to Nico for the 3d mesh for the demo ^^.

Well, I've been testing some terrain implementations: SOARX, Clipmapping but the winner by far is the chunked lod algorithm.

The image above is how the technique appears in my engine.