martes, 4 de diciembre de 2007

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2007

I need a hero...

The amazing Italian spiderman :)


viernes, 17 de agosto de 2007

New job

Too many days without any new post :S
The reason is that since 1st August I began to work in a new job in Madrid.
The company is Indra, and all is awesome, 1000 person in the building, food tickets, plenty of coffe-machines, nice fellow workers, with pretty girls also (don't kick-me, Rachel :>), and very interesting project (but top secret, of course).

I can't remember how many companies I've worked for (I think it could be more than 7), but I hope that this company will be the last. I've become so tired of having changed my employer and city so many times. :S


Thanks for translation David!

jueves, 12 de julio de 2007


This is a demo reel made when I worked in a gambling related company.
Graphics are made by Laurent Samani.

The game uses my old directX7 engine, that calculates all geometry in CPU,
and only rasterize 2d hardware accelerated triangles.

The game itselfs was pretty simple, 4 themes in the main game, and simple coin
physics for the 2nd game (double or nothing).


domingo, 17 de junio de 2007

Gran doradium it's not a game

Four years ago I worked in Málaga based company that develops 2d gambling machines.
This was our first game called "Gran doradium". My tasks were implement openGL and openAL native bindings and some game logic.

The game itself doesn't have any technical wonder, but for a previsted development of one month, the game releases one year later.

Our team was only 5 people that grows to a 20 in the last development stages.

With this little entry I want to vindicate that the game development process isn't is a child's play.

martes, 12 de junio de 2007

Safari (beta) for windows has been released

You can download latest version for windows XP and Vista here


sábado, 9 de junio de 2007

My game in the wikipedia

Wow, I just been made a search in google of my 3d racing game 'Kar Racing' (yes, the name is well written) and I found that the second entry is THE WIKIPEDIA.

I don't know who uploads it, but I suppose that is a marketing strategy of publisher. Anyway... thanks!!

'Kar racing' in the wikipedia

YARG!!!! (Yet another racing game)

Kar racing is a game that I developed some years ago (2003) on demand for an US company "Webfoot games". Nice hours debating game related stuff with game producers...

The develop process was hard and I can remember that I didn't sleep too many hours per day (3 or 4 in the better case).

Well, the game uses directX7 but only for 2d triangle rasterization, the engine was full developed from scratch by me and the CPU managed all 3d transformations. Of course in this time I was a terrible MicroSoft corrupted programmer XD and I loved to use DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput and DirectAnything :S

Now, open source development opened my eyes. (haaaaaallelujahh)

A friend of mine Jorge Gómez was the graphic artist.


viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

Drawing circle primitives using GL_POINTS in GLSL

One of the best things that I love in openGL due to performance is to draw using GL_POINTS instead standard triangles or lines, because it's an ideal primitive for debug purposes or 3d geometry editor (I think that it's more easy than GL_POINT_SPRITES to show all vertices in our geometry, for example).

But the lack is that you're only allowed to paint ugly scaled quads :S. Using the programmable pipeline you can paint any shape that you want. I upload 2 shaders for paint circles in GLSL using GL_POINTS.


jueves, 17 de mayo de 2007

Realtime 3d hair physics simulation

My first program to show to the world :) This demo was a bit old, but I always remember with wet eyes :>

You can download the video and other programming stuff in my website
I use verlet integration for physics, where each spring matches to any edge in the face patch (I import the hair as a single model from a modeling program). Before simulation starts I must sort faces by distance to the head center for allow a more realistic simulation.

The algorithm is too fast, and I use sphere-triangle collision instead sphere-point for more accurate results (and avoid interpenetration).

Questions? :)


Code::Blocks for Slax 5.1.8, or my 2 cents to open-source cause

Another cool program that I use in my job is codeblocks

"Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable..."

...ok, ok. Until here nothing awesome... but... the power of this IDE is the multiplatform concept. Like java says: "program once, runs everywhere". With only one project file, you can compile and run your application in Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

This is my little contribution to open-source cause:

Codeblocks for Slax


Open Source++;

Hi to all :)

I want to dedicate my first post to the very first "open source" program concept: "linux"... and probably the best distro that I've discovered: slax.

This Slackware based distribution have the ability to allow users load modules 'on the fly'. And this feature was perfect for my modest project: a-minimalist-game-with-auto-loader-os-unix-based-with-less-than-100mb :)

After one week I've been done a custom optimized distro with automatic hardware acceleration graphics card detection (and was my first kernel recompilation too).

Despite the perfect match for my "world domination" project, I truly think that is the best linux distro by far (obviully I've been tested at least 15 other distros).